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No Matter Your Past or Your Environment


Entrepreneurs. Leaders. Coders. Believers.

About Us

Entrepreneurship has been a proven strategy for mentoring, training, and preparing for the workforce. We introduce every student to a curriculum that was designed by our founder, Marcus Bullock (CEO/Flikshop), to build confidence, learn strategy and communication skills, and how to plan for a life of entrepreneurship.

Mobile app development

Learn how to build mobile apps that help your job search or your business using Java Script, Python, Ruby, .NET, and more...

Web design

Learn HTML5, CSS, and how to create a great User Experience for your next job or for your own business

servers and databases

Learn database and server management (incl. SQL and cloud-based) that keep your app or website's backend going


Learn how to build a sustaining business from trainers who started and run successful businesses...after they returned from prison.

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