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Our "Why"

Launching in January 2015, Marcus Bullock (CEO/Flikshop), walked into a classroom at New Beginnings Youth Development Center and hand selected his first class of graduates. 


"If we're going to work to keep families connected to their loved ones in prison with the Flikshop app, lets continue to work to change the lives of the entire community by also preparing some of these guys to come home and be successful!", says founder of FSB, Marcus Bullock.


Our mission is to expose our students to entrepreneurship and workforce readiness skills, using Marcus Bullock's (CEO/Flikshop) path and blueprint to success. We use a learning model that includes guest entrepreneur teachers and gamification to create a comradeship and competitively driven curriculum. Our secret sauce of  bring community leaders, trainers, and entrepreneurs into our classrooms to assist in training and preparing our students for a successful entrance into the "work world". We use these strategies to offer the two mainstays for success: real employment and pride in community ownership. 


Because our founder was sentenced to spend 8 years in prisons at the age of 15, he drove his passion for redirecting others that came from his same neighborhoods or background of circumstances toward a deeper instrument of success. "A lot of our scholars do not have many people that came from where they came from to tell them that there are other options besides the top three aspirations of ball player, entertainer, or drug-dealer", says Bullock. 

The Team

Marcus Bullock
Anthony Belton
Reginald Betts

Founder & Dean of FSB



Marcus is a justice reform advocate, public speaker, and entrepreneur. Following his 2004 release from prison, he launched Perspectives Premier Contractors, which employs other returning citizens. Bullock is founder and CEO of Flikshop. He serves as a Board member Justice Policy Institute. He also works as a trainer for organizations whom support returning citizens, such as Free Minds Book Club and Writer's Workshop. 

Anthony has led two contruction-industry firms (Tri-Xpress Janitorial Services and Perspectives Premier Contractors) to revenue over $4Mil annually in 2013 and 2014. While serving a 14 years prison sentence Anthony trained over 120 offenders in GED Prep and Breaking Barriers courses. He is currently COO of Perspectives, and Lead Trainer for Flikshop School of Business.


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