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Flikshop CEO, Marcus Bullock, talks about the Importance of Mail for Inmates

Arguably, mail is the most important item in an inmate's life. Every day a C.O. (correctional officer) comes around to each individual cell and yells the names of the lucky recipients. Envelopes and papers are the tales of whom's important in that wing, cell, pod, or building.

Imagine the joy or the pain being decided by this officer. This officer represents more than the deliverer of mail; I mean, everyone knows that this dude ain't the ones that wrote the letters or didn't. We all just hoped that he would be our best ally to feeling loved...he held the piece of mail!

I wanted to create something that bridged the gap for us all. The Flikshop app allows you to be able to easily send your folks a quick note and a Flik to say that you remembered their favorite soda. That's a real connection! That's an authentic connection! The same pics that are shared with the world through social media can now be shared directly with your inmate. And for only $0.99...yup, I think its a good thing!


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