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Flikshop App Bridges the Gap for Families Affected by new "Postard-Only" Mail Policy

In response to recent policy changes regarding inmate mail by a number of penal systems across the country, Flikshop announced today that they have stepped up to bridge the broadening communication gap between inmates and their families.

In California, an increasing number of jails are adopting a policy that restricts the kinds of mail an inmate can receive to postcards only. Many of the policies have been adopted with the aim of promoting safety by reducing contraband.

While eliminating letters from some jail systems may prevent some contraband, it also limits what is also the most economically viable form of communication for most inmates and their families. Many families have already reacted negatively to the changes, even forcing some jails to postpone the implementation of the new policies.

With this in mind, Flikshop has stepped up their efforts to promote communication between families and their incarcerated loved ones by offering affordable, highly customizable postcard messages that are compliant with the new rules.

"We believe that letter writing is an important component of support for inmates, but with these new changes in policy, Flikshop has begun to fill a much needed space for its customers that are effected by the change,” said Marcus Bullock, CEO of Flikshop.

Flikshop has partnered with hundreds of facilities in California, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maryland to ensure that they keep families connected.

The Flikshop app allows customers to design a custom, glossy printed photo complete with a personalized, detachable message for just 99 cents. The final product is then sent to the inmate of their choice at no extra cost to the user.

"This is a hard time for families that suffer from lengthy prison sentences, and Flikshop makes it so easy for a loved one to capture random moments and actually spend less than before,” said Bullock. “There's no more postage to buy, paper to keep, or envelopes to fill.”

Keeping inmates and their families connected has always been one of the main goals for Flikshop, and Bullock is proud to go the extra mile so that his customers can keep in touch with their loved ones behind bars, especially in light of these new regulations.

“We’ve gotta keep families connected,” he said.

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