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Flikshop Aligns Mission with Two Washington, DC Area Outreach Organizations


(Lanham, MD) Mobile app developer Flikshop today announced that it has aligned its goals with those of two local community outreach organizations. Flikshop has partnered with the Free Minds Book Club and Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ) to support their goals of fighting for the rights of incarcerated youth and reducing recidivism through community outreach.

Flikshop’s partnership with these organizations was borne out of a common desire to lift up communities that have found themselves burdened by the weight of criminal recidivism, particularly among incarcerated youth. All parties involved share the understanding that communication and community support are vital for inmates to successfully find a positive path in their lives.

For Campaign for Youth Justice President and CEO Liz Ryan, the focus has been on protecting the future of incarcerated youth, rather than dwelling on their pasts.

"We believe that kids who have made mistakes should not suffer adult consequences,” said Ryan. “We believe strongly that the future of our children is far more important than the worst decision they have ever made."

That belief was one that Flikshop CEO Marcus Bullock was quick to support.

“This is exactly the kind of forward thinking, positive outlook that many communities in the DMV area badly need,” said Bullock. “We at Flikshop have fully committed ourselves to bridging the communication gap between inmates and the communities they left behind when they were incarcerated. If we can help support them when they are inside, it makes it that much easier for organizations like Free Minds Book Club and Campaign for Youth Justice to foster support for inmates when they reenter the community.”

Free Minds Book Club, led by founder and Executive Director Tara Libert, prides itself on working with young inmates through their incarceration and after their reentry into the community. Their goal is to provide every youth offender with tools and inspiration required to leave their mistakes behind and work towards a positive future. “We are thrilled to join the Flikshop family!” said Libert. “As an organization that provides support for youth in the adult prison system, Free Minds depends on constant and reliable communication with our members. Flikshop is the perfect partner for us.”

There are other organizations that advocate or support the inmate community as well, such as The Lionheart Foundation and DC Central Kitchen. “When Flikshop partners with organizations like Free Minds Book Club and Campaign for Youth Justice, it isn’t just in our mutual interest, but also in the interest of the community at large,” said Bullock. “By working together, we strengthen each other’s outreach efforts, and by extension, the communities we serve.”

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