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Why Fatherhood is Important; Flikshop CEO Talks About His Son

Wake up...get dressed...go to work...come bills...interact with with homework with me...pray with me before bed...lets do it again!

This is the typical day that my son, Marcus Bullock Jr., sees when he looks at his Daddy. He looks at me and says to me that he would also love to work in his own office. My oh my, how I wished that my father would have delivered the kind of vision of manhood that my son grows up seeing within himself, as the son of a CEO. He won't grow up knowing ANYTHING different.

Sometimes its not what we say to our children, but what they see when we think that they are not paying attention. What kind of men and future-fathers are we creating? Lets look at ourselves first and how our family sees us before trying to effect the community.

#fatherhood #parenting #children #MarcusBullock

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