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Flikshop Partners with John Legend for the Holiday Season

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

Washington, DCFlikshop, the leading mobile application platform that keeps users connected to their family members that are incarcerated, today announced that it has partnered with Grammy-winning recording artist John Legend to ensure that prisoners around the country feel loved during the holiday season.

Through this strategic partnership, Flikshop and #FREEAMERICA (the musician’s multi-year campaign to help eliminate mass incarceration) are giving away a free Flikshop Credit to users, allowing thousands of families the ability to send a photo and message to their loved ones for the holidays from their smartphone. The app developer has shipped photos for over 125,000 families that suffer from incarceration, and is releasing an app update in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store that will include an automatic addition of a free Flikshop Credit for any person that updates or downloads Flikshop.

“In prison, getting mail is like hitting the lottery”, says Flikshop CEO, Marcus Bullock. “We are accustomed to using Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat with our friends and families everyday, but there are millions of families whom cannot share the holidays because there isn’t any Internet access in prison.” The Flikshop mobile app, launched in 2012, sends photos and messages that are printed on a tangible postcard directly from the user’s smartphone. Users upload their photos, write a 300-character message, and Flikshop prints the photo and message on a real postcard. The app is free to download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, and each Flikshop postcard cost $0.99 to print and ship for the user. The Flikshop postcard is immediately mailed directly to the recipients prison facility and in their hands within 3 business days.

John Legend has become a new face in the battle to end mass incarceration, and openly talks about his mother being incarcerated during his teen years and how hard it was for his family during the holidays. “I am partnering with Flikshop to share the joy of this holiday season and make sure incarcerated individuals do not feel alone.”, says partner John Legend. The artist has toured prison facilities around the country, as a part of a national campaign to learn from leaders in the formerly incarcerated community, lawmakers, and the currently incarcerated. “Every person I met helped me understand the issue of mass incarceration more deeply…and its these seemingly small acts that help get us through the toughest times, keeps us connected, and gives us hope.”, Legend says.

“When I spoke to Marcus about Flikshop, he spoke of the importance of mail call while he was in prison, the happiness felt when inmates hear their names called to indicate they have a letter, the pride of showing off pictures sent, and the love felt when reading messages from loved ones”, Legend says of Flikshop CEO. Flikshop and #FREEAMERICA has a lofty goal: to provide a way for every person behind bars to receive mail during the holiday season. The holiday promotion for free Flikshop Credits will end on January 20, 2017.

Click Here for Full Letter from John Legend

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